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Bullet Resistant Glass

Plexi Glass

Our Plexiglass solutions are highly durable and versatile for applications where traditional glass may not provide sufficient strength. They are designed to withstand impact and resist shattering, making them an ideal choice for areas where safety and security are top priorities. Call us to learn more about our plexiglass solutions.

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Sliding Bullet Proof Window

Infinity Glass is one of the reliable bulletproof glass manufacturers in Kansas City that specializes in making sliding bulletproof windows from top-of-the-line materials to provide maximum protection against potential break-ins, vandalism, and other security risks. We also offer expert installation services to ensure your sliding bulletproof windows are fully functional and installed.

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StoreFronts in Gas Stations

Infinity Glass also deals in the design and installation of glass at storefronts. To-date we have served many businesses in successfully creating customized storefront glass solutions based on their needs. Call us now if you want to fit a glass at your storefront.

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